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Pick your packet of kisses and I will write drabbles involving our muses kissing. Ooo la la.

The Cute Packet
- Kiss on the forehead.
- Kiss on the nose
- Kiss on the cheek
- Kiss on the lips

The Sexy Packet
- Kiss on the back
- Kiss on the neck
- Kiss on the shoulder
- French kiss

Just specify verse, muse, etc.
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You Are Wild

You're so outrageous it's intoxicating. You definitely live big.

You are unpredictable and kooky. You love to take risks and use your imagination.

You're a complex person with many layers. No one can figure you out... including yourself.

You live a chaotic, colorful life, but there is also some structure to it. There's a method to your madness!

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Tonight, she has the hospital, but tomorrow she has another day...another day of coffee and donuts, dead girls and stone cold killers, ghosts that sleep with the skeletons in her closet, promising nightmares for every night she allowed Rembrandt to run free and kill again.

from Elle

May. 5th, 2010 12:03 pm
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Comment, and I will tell you the following.

1. One thing that I enjoy about playing this character.
2. One of my favorite interactions this character has had with one of yours.
3. One of my favorite things about the relationship our characters have.
4. The last thing my character did "off screen".
5. One thing my character wants to say to your character.
6. One thing I'd like to see our characters do in the future.
7. You may ask them a free question and they have to answer truthfully, no matter what.
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I suppose it was Twitter that did me in. Got brave somehow and posted a picture of myself with no shirt (IN MY BRA, get your minds out the gutter you wankers). Showed off a few of my scars, but cleaning off my hard drive I realized I actually had one of my back.

So here you have it: a look at why I hate the way I look. Me and my family went to some LOST DVD release party in Times Square (okay, so I dragged the lot of them down), and it was bloody cold but I wanted to look tropical and cute. I had a wrap, but a gust blew it off my shoulders just as this got taken...

Presto. )

And now I'm going to click 'post' before I chicken out, because this is supposed to be therapeutic or some nonsense. Blah.
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Your Sunglasses Say You're an Enigma

You are chic, bold, and mysterious.

You are larger than life and very sexy.

You need to be shaded from people who are dull and ordinary.

You feel sunniest when you're around fabulous, exciting people

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1 question...
1 chance...
1 honest answer...

That's all you get. Ask me one question. Any one question, anything, no matter how crazy it is. An honest answer. No catch.

All comments will be screened so your question stays private between you and me, and only you will get to see my answer to your question. But I dare you to repost this and see what people ask you.

[All comments will be pretendy-screened, so everyone can read along! But anything you ask will be locked between Kiki and your muse, guaranteed.]
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You Are 20% Kinky

No one is going to accuse you of being a pervert!

You're so un-kinky that taking this quiz made you a little uncomfortable.

When it comes to bedroom activities, you like things traditional,mainstream, and safe.

And while you try to stay away from freaks, you're the type of person they're looking to corrupt!


Apr. 25th, 2010 01:09 pm
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You Make Your Own Luck

You are wild, to the point of being reckless. You often act before you think!

You are happiest when you are able to be a lone for a while. You find strength within yourself.

You work at a pace that is comfortable to you. You can get more done if you don't burn yourself out.

You are a very patient person. You stick with people and things for a lifetime.

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You Are a Guardian Angel

You care deeply for your friends and family. Like a Guardian angel, you take protecting them seriously.

Besides guarding the ones you love, you have your eye out for all of humankind. You are very compassionate.

You are a natural caretaker, and you are very interested in social justice. You want to make the world better for everyone.

While you are responsible and conscientious, you are also light hearted. You are easygoing and even quite funny.

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Your Love Quote

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.

Bloody buggering fuck.
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Pass a Secret Note Meme
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She never quite could get to the silence she wanted.

Noise in the night bothered Valkyrie, making her a miserable sleeper. She’d been raised to yearn for quiet, for the few and brief golden hours when Father was out on a call or asleep in bed…when the danger was past and she was free to vanish into sweet dreams or complete oblivion. She didn’t have childhood nightmares…she lived hers.

The nightmares didn’t start until after she came to be adopted.

It was a particularly violent nightmare that woke her in the dead of night, so vivid she could still feel the stripes on her back, the resulting needles in her arm and the acrid smell of a hospital in her nostrils.

The quiet soothed her…total, blissful silence. Not even the house was settling.

Rising from her bed, clad in her usual pajamas (boy short panties and a camisole), she left her hair down to be sure her scars were covered as she padded out of her room and headed for the kitchen.

No life stirred, not even Cain…when he was in bed, she knew it was late. Their houseguests were out as well, giving her enough of a sense of security to roam the house in her pajamas without fear of being seen in the nourishing safety of the quiet. Billie was finally herself again, and all parties had been forgiven for their role in helping her get through the worst of her detox.

She ruminated on the irony of it as she tracked down the Tylenol in the cabinet above the sink, then went to get a glass of water and the plate of leftover chicken still in the fridge. Strange that the deadliest silence should be such a comfort when she saw it so often, felt its weight every day she saw the end of yet another life.

As she puttered around the kitchen, fixing herself a chicken sandwich, Valkyrie realized that it was an odd thing to work in death and be comforted by it.

A lot had changed since she’d found her family, and her opinion of people was greatly improved…but she couldn’t shake that belief that in life, there was just too much chance to get hurt to take much comfort in the sounds of the world turning.

She’d sleep when she was dead…but until then, she’d sleep to the sounds of the dead. Sweet, eternal silence.

Muse: Valkyrie Callahan
Fandom: Temporary Insanity
Words: 402
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"Money and sex. Where would we be without it?"

"Out of business...and you forgot drugs." Valkyrie replied succinctly as she followed her partner out of the warehouse, watching as the coroner wheeled the covered corpse out ahead of them. Blood still seeped through the sheet, and she could still see the shredded remains of the boy’s jeans knotted around his throat…

Shutting her eyes, she waved off a concerned look from Detective Teddy Howard as she pointed to the crime scene tape, silently indicating she needed a minute. She’d gotten lucky, going rookie with Howard as her partner. He had ten years on her, and he understood the new stuff in this position was never like working the beat. You could get away from the victims then.

Right now, that’s what Valkyrie needed to do. Just beyond the crime scene tape, she pressed her head to the snow-chilled steel of the building and wondered just how things had gotten this bad.

Behind her closed eyelids, she wasn’t seeing the junkie rent boy that had lost his life over a fix. She saw a flame red head of female hair…

You got her. she tried to remind herself. You got to her in time, and she’s gonna be all right.

Still, the stress was mounting, and the one thing she feared for Billie, above all else, was an early fall from the wagon. She was still at home, and the worst of her detox was over. Now that she was getting back to herself, she was miserable…but seemed happier when Jack was around.

The storm was still too bad to really go out, but time and murder waited for no cop. Everyone was still at home, and Jack was keeping Colby posted discreetly about Billie’s condition. Cain would say that there but for the grace of God went any of them, if she told him about the dead prostitute…but she wouldn’t tell. She never did.

One thing Valkyrie was very good at was hiding horror from those she loved. She’d learned when she was six that silence could save. Even her own family still didn’t know exactly what her father had done to her or her mother, or how she got her scars. She told the court how her mother died, but not how Father had beaten the life out of her years before that…

She simply got paid to hide the ugliness of the world now, under a mantle of law and order. The shield kept her safe…for now.

Until she got home and had to face her family again…and a pair of blue eyes that made it hard to shut that door and hide.

And she still couldn’t decide if that was a good thing or not.

Muse: Valkyrie Callahan
Fandom: Original Character
Words: 455
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True to her word, Valkyrie was at Jack's house in ten minutes exactly...her mother had located a route that was clear, but Valkyrie knew about it a good five minutes before she did, as was her way. She always got the jump when someone was looking for something...

The road back, however, wasn't nearly as kind. Valkyrie could only assume that Julius was either in trouble with Billie, or he was falling hard. His power was emotionally tied, and she saw the way he was looking at that scrawny little toothpick of a girl that was, somehow, still prettier than she herself would ever be.

Two hours later, she was finally pulling her car into the driveway and ducking out, shivering in the rapidly falling snow that was now knee-deep. Leading Jack through the treacherous path up to her stoop, she let them both inside and stomped the snow off her boots, shedding her jacket, scarf, hat, and gloves quickly to let in the heat that surrounded them.

"Bugger the fucking snow." she huffed, rather than cursing her brother. After all, Jack didn't know yet...

Once Jack had laid his own things aside, she led him down the hallway to the guest room. Cracking the door open, she saw Billie in bed, bundled under the covers with Cain's massive form looming over her and Julius seated by her bed, rhythmically stroking her forehead. Catching his eye, the pair signaled to each other for a moment before Valkyrie shut the door and turned to Jack.

"You saw her, she's safe, but it looks like she's only just nodded off." Valkyrie explained. "She's hurting at the moment, so we'd best not wake her yet. Cain's looking her over, once he knows how she's doing we'll send you in. Meantime, living room. That fireplace you saw coming in is real, and I'm bloody freezing."


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